How do I create an account?

It is simple and FREE just go to Register at the top of the page. Once registered and logged into your new account, click Update Profile at the top of the page. Here you can edit your account information and add information that other users can see if they look at your profile… Read more

How do I add gifts in my Profile?

Create a profile, start adding gifts by clicking on "ADD GIFTS" you will be taken to the shop area where you can either: -ADD TO WISH LIST (so it will add it to the wish list in your profile) or -GIVE BACK TO CHARITY (A pop up will open asking you to add it to a cause that you support for example if you support LITERACY you can add gifts to that Cause you support like Books, and other materials). You can also SHOP in our store by clicking in the pictures of the products so you can go to each partner store to buy and we will get a percentage that will go to many charities! See our About US area so you can see who we are partnering with. All of our partners have a GIVE back program and support many charities too. http://www.getmywish.com/gmw_beta/about You must be logged into your account to add a gift from Our Partners.

What are the Get My Wish Shop Gifts? Do they give back too?

 Yes, In this section you will see e-commerce stores that we have partnered with and we will donate back to charity 50% from the earnings of the products in this area. It is an amazing project!.

Other helpful features from Get My Wish

-Update Profile: Update your account information or add your interests so your friends can get to know you better. -Add Event/Calendar:Use the calendar feature to add important events you have throughout the year. We will send you a reminder a week before the event so you have time to create a wish list before. -My Friends:Help keep track of your friends emails and people you have notified through our website. -Share a profile: You can share your Profile in Get M Wish by going to your profile and clicking on SHARE PROFILE that will give you your own personal profile link to use anywhere or in social media. -Share a Cause: When you create a cause you can also share it in social media by Facebook or Twitter so your friends know what you support and they may even support you too!.

Who are your partners? and where does my money go?

Our partners are:

And the list grows every day!

Charity USA (Greater Good Network)

They help us support causes like Hunger, animals, literacy, Green products women and kids and they offer charitable gifts that give back to charity.


Plan Canada (gifts of hope)

They help us support causes like Hunger, Water, Ecosystem and more.

http://plancanada.ca/GiftsofHope/shopcontent.asp?type=About Gifts of Hope Mobile


Awesome line of shoes and accessories and more!One for One” is their mission so you buy one product and they give back one to people in need.


ZUMA Office

Their line of office and home supplies are great and they donate HALF of your purchase to charity.


Gifts with Humanity (Global Fair Trade Crafts)

Support for Fair Trade artisans from many countries including Africa.


Better World Books

Change the world shopping for books and supporting literacy!


National Autism Resources

Toys, educational games, books and more. National Autism Resources Inc. is a global leader in providing cost effective, research based therapeutic tools that meet the needs of people on the autism spectrum across their lifespan.


Are you 100% charitable?

Yes, ALL GIFT PICKS and PARTNERS gifts that you find in our website are 100% charitable choices from companies and organizations that give back a lot to charities. You can also SUPPORT A CAUSE which gives you the option to give 100% of the money to a charity or a cause you support.