Do you really CARE?

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So many social networks out there promise better interaction with users and a more social world. But do you think that is a reality? People use social media to keep in touch with their friends and share content but do you think that is making a difference in the world?

Not really. Social media isolates humans in way that many of them don’t feel empathy and compassion anymore….so at Get My Wish our CEO Paula Stewart Mom of two little girls wanted to really CARE and we re-designed Get My Wish (which was a charitable wish list website tool 3 years ago) and make something a lot more meaningful that really makes an impact in the world.

It is simple! Just create the ONLY social media profile that really CARES about any issues and causes you want your friends and family to know and share it with the world. It is like a snowball effect the more you share it the more impact we make and the more people shift their attitude about the world and the causes that need help and support.

When you create a profile you can add a wish list in it with your Gifts (products that give back to charities in our partner’s area) and Causes (social issues you want to support).

Here are some interesting facts:

  • 89% of consumers would be likely to switch brands (if quality and price held constant) for one that's affiliated with a charity, compared with 80% in 2010 and 66% in 1993.
  • 54% of consumers bought a product with a social and/or environmental benefit, compared with 41% in 2010 and 20% in 1993.

Here is what you can do:

-Set up a free profile with your interests. What do you really CARE about? Poverty? Animals? Clean water? Tell the world out there.

-Go to our partners section with products that GIVE BACK a big chunk to many charities and add them to the wish list in your profile we have plenty of products for women, men, baby, animals and more! Tell your friend to check your wish list for your birthday and other occasions.

-Add your causes to your profile too so people can relate to them and make an impact too. So if you don’t want a gift for your birthday just give it up and tell people to donate the money to the causes that you care about! How awesome is that???

-Share your thoughts, events, articles and more from your feed. (COMING SOON!)

-Search others by name, email, interests or causes they support so you can make a difference together? So do you care about animals? Search other with the same interests and follow them. (COMING SOON)

-Share your public or private profile with the world easily.

Get My Wish for Companies 

Watch our Video Now -> www.youtube.com/watch

Does your company really care?

In today’s marketplace shoppers need to know what companies really CARE about giving back and what causes they support and their corporate responsibility programs.

Get My Wish makes it easy for any company, school or nonprofit to open a FREE profile that shows your followers that you CARE and what you are doing to change the world so you can get more exposure and brand recognition and as a result more SALES!. 

Here are some interesting facts:

  • 89% of consumers would be likely to switch brands (if quality and price held constant) for one that's affiliated with a charity, compared with 80% in 2010 and 66% in 1993.
  • 54% of consumers bought a product with a social and/or environmental benefit, compared with 41% in 2010 and 20% in 1993.

The trend is growing and now with Get My Wish you can amplify your message and create the buzz about any of the following:

-Corporate Giving
-Cause-Related Programs
-Employee Giving
-Company Grants
-Employee Volunteerism.

Here are some of our features:

-Free Profile with your company information and interests that you can share with your followers in any of your emails or newsletters.
-Add yout website link to any programs in your website so your followers can find that information easily.
-Search users by interest and follow them.
-Post events and messages in your profile feed.
-Add the causes that you CARE about in your profile so people can support them too!.
-If you are a school or a non profit you can add to a wish list any gifts from our Partners that GIVE
 BACK to your profile and let followers donate those items to you.

-Add products that give back in your profile feed and tell your followers about new offers and how they impact the world with thier purchase.

Start showing the world that you CARE, grow your brand, gain followers and increase sales!

Questions? send us an email to marketing@getmywish.com





Our Partners and Their Mission




And the list grows every day!


Wild Dill (comig soon to baby section)

Wild Dill an independent online retailer of organic, eco-friendly and fair trade baby products. Wild Dill has established itself as a premier source for natural baby products and gifts. It’s the one-stop shop for anyone looking for natural baby toys, organic baby clothing, or any other natural alternatives to traditional children's products. Materials used to make the clothing, bedding, or toys include soy fiber, bamboo fabric, and organic cotton

They support the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Check their program here: http://www.wilddill.com/pages/giving-back


Bake Me a Wish!


Bake Me a Wish! started as the nationwide service for delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. Our cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by an award-winning family run New York bakery that also supplies pastries to some of Manhattan's most elite restaurants. We then added other gourmet bakery items - cookies and brownies. 

We love their program where they partnered with Soldiers’ Angels, who donates birthday cakes each month to our valued service men and women overseas. Check more info here:


Charity USA (Greater Good Network)

GreaterGood began in 1999 to provide support for worthy causes through easy, online actions. Since its launch, GreaterGood has contributed more than $30 million to charities around the world.

Each of their cause-related websites partners with nonprofits to provide support through many different easy actions, including a free, fast 'click', shopping, and through the Gifts That Give More™ online donation program.

Currently, all donations generated by GreaterGood activities are distributed by GreaterGood.org, a 501c3 nonprofit. Each year, GreaterGood.org grants go to more than 130 charities working in the United States and worldwide. Recent grants include, but are not limited to: providing meals for the hungry and supporting sustainable practices to end poverty; providing micro nutrients and oral re hydration formula to bring ailing infants and children back to health; supporting breast cancer research and programs helping women receive free mammograms; rescuing and caring for abandoned pets or endangered animals until a permanent home can be found; helping families cope with autism; feeding homeless veterans and assisting them in finding housing and jobs; funding leading-edge diabetes research; encouraging reading and literacy through providing books, scholarships, and other educational services; and preserving rainforests and other wildlife habitat.



Plan Canada (gifts of hope)

Plan is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries.

Founded in 1937, we are one of the world’s oldest and largest international development agencies, working in partnership with millions of people around the world to end global poverty. Not for profit, independent and inclusive of all faiths and cultures, we have only one agenda: to improve the lives of children.

Plan works in 70 countries around the globe, including 51 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. We give children, families and communities the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and build sustainable solutions for improving their own lives.

Because I am a Girl is Plan’s global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls – and everyone around them – out of poverty.


In 2012, our work impacted the lives of over 174 million people – including 84 million children – in over 90,100 communities around the world.

See more below:

http://plancanada.ca/GiftsofHope/shopcontent.asp?type=Overview - For business



Awesome line of shoes and accessories and more!One for One” is their mission so you buy one product and they give back one to people in need.



ZUMA Office

Their line of office, school and home supplies are great and they donate HALF of your purchase to charity.




Gifts with Humanity (Global Fair Trade Crafts) 


Support for Fair Trade artisans from many countries including Africa.




Better World Books


Reading books changes lives but this website changes a lot more!  

Change the world shopping for books and supporting literacy!




National Autism Resources 


Toys, educational games, books and more. National Autism Resources Inc. is a global leader in providing cost effective, research based therapeutic tools that meet the needs of people on the autism spectrum across their lifespan.